I have spent time working as a designer in both the corporate and Marketing sectors. First I worked at Exelon as a Graphic Designer. Exelon is a fortune 500 and I worked on internal branding projects, as well as digital and print.
I then moved to South Flordia and started working as a designer at BrandStar, production and digital marketing firm. There I worked on a variety of digital marketing projects, that included, email, paid, and organic media. I also worked on branding work for the agency clients. 
During Covid, I decided to pursue a Freelance Design career as well as join my family's recruitment firm, The Rogan Group as the Marketing & New Business Development Manager.

During my role at the Rogan Group I have worn many hats which have allowed me to continue to grow as a designer and also dip my toes into the world of recruitment and managment. has allowed me to create a strategic marketing plan for all of our social channels with a focus on growing our Linkedin premise. Since joining the firm in 2020 I have grown 
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